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Most of the content that I edited and created at both of my positions is confidential and proprietary, though I may share a few materials upon request.


At TIAA, much of my time was spent creating instructional material. I also created multimedia organizational communication, including videos and posters for the IT department. My responsibilities at TIAA included:

  • Designing, editing, and writing instructional documentation.

  • ​Creating internal videos from script to post-editing.

  • Creating emails, videos, and print materials for internal audiences.

  • Collaborating with IT Security to document new software issues and workarounds.

In my role at Finance of America Commercial, I was hired to document all of their internal processes, update all materials for their acquisition, and help create user portals and marketing material. My responsibilities included:

  • Designing, writing, and editing product guides, internal documents, and loan documents.

  • Designing user experiences (UX) for online portals.

  • Writing and editing marketing copy.

  • Usability testing.

  • Survey writing and assessment.

  • Documenting internal workflows and processes.


Industry Experience


Associate Technical Writer
Finance o
f America Commercial

Charlotte, NC 2016-2017

Technical Writer

Charlotte, NC | 2016

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