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  • University of North Florida | Institute of Environmental Research and Education Seed Grant 
    Jones, S., Sindelar, K., Baynard, C., & Richardson, R. | $10,000 | 2022

  • University of North Florida | Digital Humanities Institute
    Sindelar, K. and Jones, S | $8,960 | 2022

Research Interests

In my research, I seek to learn more about how to leverage the affordances of physically immersive media for environmental communication. I am also interested in how emerging technologies can address specific, localized challenges related to environmental education, environmental equity, and climate change communication. Environmental degradation disproportionality affects marginalized groups, which means that listening to and supporting these communities is a necessary part of environmental communication. Physically immersive media brings the user's attention to the materiality of environments. I hope to partner with local communities to co-develop and research media that serves their needs.

Keywords: technical and professional communication, environmental communication, climate change communication, feminist materialism, human animal studies, augmented reality, virtual reality, app studies, game studies, and UXD.

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