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I'm Dr. Kailan Sindelar, an Assistant Professor of Technical Writing at the University of North Florida. I completed Masters of English with a Concentration in Technical Writing from UNC Charlotte and her Ph.D. in Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design from Clemson University. My research goals are to better understand and leverage environmental communication in emerging technologies to inform future designs through critical analysis, participant observation, and interviews.


My recent scholarly writing includes an article that focuses on designing interactive media about wildlife and wilderness in the Journal of Environmental Media, a chapter that focuses on designing with care ethics in virtual reality in The Changing Face of VR, and several co-authored interdisciplinary articles on virtual reality and environmental psychology.


Other recent scholarly work includes digital projects. I recently completed working on two grant-funded projects: an augmented reality app and virtual reality app. Both projects included collaborating with colleagues in UNF's Biology department to support local audience education about saltwater intrusions, affected ecologies, and how they may respond.


My on-going projects that I'm leading focus on user experience research. Collaborating with graduate students, our team looks to improve environmental communication in augmented and virtual reality. 


Besides collaborating with colleagues and students, I also enjoys teaching undergraduate and graduate courses on technical and professional communication. Drawing from recent studies, well-cited literature, and my own experience working as a technical writer, my courses include established and emerging genres of composition.

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